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Professional Presentations

PptWow is a brand-new PowerPoint® Toolbar. It provides you hundreds of professional presentation templates and layouts, according to the best management consulting firms, like McKinsey or Bain. PptWow offers a set of unique functions and layouts to increase your productivity and ensure your presentations have a professional and convincing look.

Amazing Templates

PptWow! provides you with 200+ professional slides templates for PowerPoint® to communicate your messages with ease, emphatize your key points and make your slides memorable.
1. Make your presentation look consistent and logic.
2. Give each slide professional layouts with muted colors.
3. Speed-up your presentations production process.

Powerpoint Presentations Templates

pptWow is trusted by 1800+ professionals

Powerpoint Presentations Templates

pptWow is a Toolbar that installs into your PowerPoint®

Cool Charts

PptWow! provides tens of cool built-in charts, easily editable in Excel®. Our charts include: Pies, Item Bars, Temporal Series, Lines, Waterfalls, Build-up Bubbles, Dots, etc. Combo charts are also available.
Our charts are fully customizable and adapt automatically to your palette colors.

Unique PowerPoint® Functions

Agendas, Stickers, CAGR

Agendas, Stickers, CAGR

Make Agendas easily.
Apply slides stickers.
Insert CAGR into charts.

Language, Fonts, Capitalization and Periods

Language, Fonts and Text

Change Language to all text.
Apply a font to all text.
Capitalize and remove periods.

Graphics, Icons and Flags

Graphics, Icons and Flags

350+ Colored Icons.
100+ White Icons.
250+ Flags.

Size, Align and Distribute

Size, Align and Distribute

Resize shapes in height and width.
Align shapes agrdvanced options.
Distribute shapes diagonally.

Custom Layouts Builder

Define with ease your own customized layout with placeholders.
Substitute the placeholders with a set of built-in shapes, including Harvey Balls, yes/no indicators, trends icons etc.

Custom Layouts Builder

Not convinced by PptWow?

We believe pptWow! Toolbar is the best solution for making professional PowerPoint® presentations on the Web.
Nevertheless, we acknowledge some professional alternatives exist. The best ones, in our opinion, are listed here below:
> Think-Cell - Charts - Waterfall, Marimekko, Gantt and Agenda.
> SlideTeam - Templates, Presentation Slides & Themes | Business, Christian, Educational, Medical, Marketing Templates | Editable Maps.
> Quickslide - Business presentations made easy – the add-on for efficiency, corporate design and corporate slide management.

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